rice things on my scented geranium?

sheilajoyce_gwSeptember 4, 2005

Cutting back my 5 feet tall overgrown geranium, and I found little like white pieces of rice on the stems, especially the browned stems. Actually, it looks more like little white sprinkles that your kid might order on his or her frozen yogurt. Any ideas what this is?

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linnea56(z5 IL)

White fly are that shape, but small; but they move when disturbed. If they are fuzzy roundish to oval white things and are sticky, that is another bug that makes a protective cover over itself. About 2-3 mm in size. It seems to suck the sap and leaves large area of the plant sticky. Is the plant indoors or out? I've only seen the sticky thing on indoor houseplants. I've kept mine under control but not cured. You can wash off the leaves under running water (best to do this outside), then spray with insecticidal soap. Actually, whatever you've got, I'd wash it and use the insecticidal soap.

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