Questions on Magnolia maudiae

dho1655July 21, 2006

1. Does Magnolia maudiae (formerly known as Michelia maudiae) bloom only in Winter - Spring period or does it bloom year around pretty much like M. alba and M. figo?

2. I've read the scent being described as "spicy and cinnamon-like". So is it much different from the scent of M. alba? I don't very much care for cinnamon, so I think I better ask before commiting to buying a M. maudiae plant.

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I am another one who loves fragrant plants and am always on the lookout for something that would bloom year around
in my area. To assure that the fragrance is to my pleasing I would always want to be able take a long breath of the scent
before passing my green on to someone else's wallet. I consider that reasonable! Lol.

I would try a search engine to see the results concerning M. maudiae.

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I have 2 m. maudiaes, but they aren't big enough to bloom yet. The parent plant to these blooms in mid winter. I saw it blooming last January - it was covered! Of course, it may bloom differently in your zone ... it actually freezes up here and can go down to 17. For me this tree is absolutely wonderful because not much else will bloom for us at that time of year. The blooms are much bigger than most michellias. The smell is more like a magnolia bloom or a magnolia and gardenia cross.

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Here in South Carolina, M. maudiae usually blooms in late January or early Feb. Sometimes the blooms get burnt a bit by cold if it gets down around 20 or lower. I don't detect any cinnamon in the fragrance. It is quite sweet smelling...doesnt't seem to have the lemony overtones of M. grandiflora....not quite as overpowering as a gardenia either. I love the foliage and the blooms are so big and showy for the dead of winter.

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