My mind helped my jasmine flower!

mersiepoo(6)July 26, 2011

I'm half through with the book "The secret world of plants", it is one of the most interesting books I've EVER read! So, anyway, I've been using my psychic energy to 'send love' to my jasmine, and visualize it with lots of nice big flowers, and told it (they can read your mind, ya know!) that I would be so thrilled if jasmine would flower! And it is working!!!! It just produced the biggest flower ever a few days ago, and has even more buds on it now. For the past few years I've had it it rarely bloomed! It works!

Now I'm concentrating on the gardenia that isn't dead far it's got 2 buds on it!

The plants know when you are talking and thinking of I better be careful what I say.....

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Hi mersipoo!
I am so glad you posted. I am happy you are enjoying your book and speaking pychically to your plants. Why wouldn't it work?
I love your posts.
Post pic of the jasmine blooming if you get a chance.
Jasmine is my new passion, I bought Confederate jasmine "Madison", and planted them out front and I ordered a "Grand Duke of Tuscany", it was a twig, and is growing finally on the porch out front.
I think it is so tiny that it will have to get bigger before it blooms, but I am happy it grew new leaves. LOL!
I will have to bring it in for the winter though, God, I hope it lives. I don't do well with indoor plants, but I didn't pay much for the twig, so I'll give it a try.

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Hi Butterfly! Glad to see you are still on here daalink! :D Send love and talk to your little'll grow into a huge tree in no time! Oh, also, play it classical music, they supposedly really like Bach! They said that the plants would actually grow towards classical music, and grow away from 'acid rock'. Country music had no effect whatsoever on the plants, lol! I love jasmine, they are much easier to grow than gardenias, but I love them all! :D I will have to send a pic of the jasmine in bloom, it's finally putting out buds, when it would never bloom at all. And, it's got BIG buds too! :D I'm trying to get my plumeria to bloom too, it did last year but so far no dice. May all your lovely jasmine do great, Butterfly! They are so cool, I have arabian tea jasmine, you can use the flowers to flavor water, put a few in a glass of water, put it in the fridge, and you will have some lovely scented water the next morning. :)

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Look I just saw your thread and so much wanted to read it and comment but have to run to a Doctors visit! Please come back so we can talk tomorrow?

I have been in a bad accident and I will fill you in later.

Hugs to an ole time friend!


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