Geranium Rozanne

greyandamySeptember 7, 2011

This is my 3rd year with "her". She's grown, a lot. Last year, as promised, she bloomed all summer into fall, with the gorgeous fall color. This year, I decided she was looking a bit "leggy" or something, so I got the (not so brilliant?) idea to deadhead, then prune back to a nice large rounded shape. This was about 6 (or more?) weeks ago.

She remains in her LARGE (over 2'x2' spread, how big does she get?)nicely rounded shape. But she hasn't flowered, or even hinted at a bud, since the "deadheading".

Is this one you DONT deadhead, even if seeming a bit scraggly? Or is this just a wierd summer? She has sun, plenty of water, soil that's probably too rich (thus her growth).

Does/has anyone else experienced this? Or is this a type of perennial that has some "off" years? (Also, at the time I was trying to propogate, then gave up)....

How big does she get? Does anyone ever successfully divide in early spring? If not, I'll have to move lots of plants around her.

I still love her, just... she decided to stop blooming maybe in July...

Thanks for any responses!


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Maybe its been to hot for them. I live in zone 5b-6 kansas and mine stopped for awhile but are blooming now. I had purchased several new ones,a blue,pink and a white and all of them died last week we had temps over hundred for several days but it rained like every 2=3 days and it is raining today so I can't figure out why I lost them.

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johnsgeraniums(CDN 5a)

I think that rambling habit is the best part. I have Rozanne among other geraniums that are early season bloomer, and Rozanne scrambles amoung them making them all look like they are blooming later in the year. The relatively small but deed tap root makes division hard to do.

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I have 2 varietals, Johnson's blue, and Rozanne, The rozannes i bought bare root online, the Johnson's is 3 years old, bought from a local nursery, I divided the Johnson's a few days ago, I've read that if you can dig up some of the roots,young shoots you can leave the parent plant mostly undisturbed, we'll see how it goes, the rozanne I'm hoping will take off this year, last year they languished in my rock hard clay soil, I planted them after last frost, didn't expect a big show, but I was surprised at how little they grew over the summer, i see new growth coming up now so hopefully they'll do better, I did have some off shoots that I potted in little plastic pots, and forgot about, they were left outside the whole winter, and they have lots of new growth! more so that the ones in the ground, the black pots must heat them up and get them going early, thats my advice, pot any offshoots in fall and neglect them!

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I dig up my Rozanne's every year, divide them, then replant. Otherwise they get too large in the areas I have for them. I sure don't fuss with them & they've always done great.

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