thanks, members, for all your help

lollapallooJuly 2, 2014

Hello from long-time lurker, new poster! Owe special thanks to the following folks for untold numbers of postings which have helped me establish a fragrance garden in the last year. Thank you Robert, yellow thumb, Clare_, longriver, meyermike, jimshy, kemistry, mersiepoo, Kasie, cweathersby, ispahan, olympia gardener, fenius. Here's what I've planted and is growing well, so far: Osmanthus fragrans, 6 lavenders, Michelia Alba, Champaka, and Figo, hedychium coronarium and Dr. Moy, Chimonanthus praecox,aloysia virgata, calycanthus fl.,plumeria Aztec Gold, periclymenum Serotina and Scentsation, 3 sambac jasmines, and (but in spite of you all) Hall's honeysuckle!

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Aw lollapalloo; Sounds like you are growing all of my favorite plants.. well almost, you need to add tuberose and brunfelsia next (lol) . I'd love to see some pictures when they are blooming : )

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ha! This is a great post. You're welcome and I look forward to your suggestions. :)


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You are most welcome, after all we are here to enable!!.. I don't know what you mean about hall's honeysuckle I have it on my balcony and wouldn't dream of being without it!!

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Anytime. So happy we have been able to help you. We have a wonderful bunch of good helpful friends here and enablers. Lol

You must grow one or two great orchids!,!!,

I have one that smells so nice, my whole yard is just lovely!

Hello all.


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Hello Enablers! 3 months ago I posted 1st X. Now things are starting to pop. kemistry: thanks to you I have 2 tuberose plants due to arrive today. meyermike: your orchids are great, but such attempts are way off in the future for me. Robert: thanks for all the monthly what's blooming threads -- really enlightening for newbies like me. Just your own green beings are educations in themselves! plus your encourgement is exhilarating! fenius: another Hall's honeysuckle grower!

When I figure out how, I'll post my 1st X blooming butterfly ginger. Meantime, my Aztec Gold plumie has REALLY tried, but is stuck at 1 leaf plus a couple starts. I knew it wouldn't work here in the Bay Area, but wanted to try anyway after all robert's lovelies! Don't know what to do with it now. Any suggestions?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Congrats on your ginger blooming! Wish I could sniff it. Laugh. Mine are still all just green leaves.

As for your plumie perhaps Laura might see this and chime in but you'll have better luck on the Plumeria Forum. I know there are growers in your area that can give you great advice.
Posting a pic always helps but also letting them know the potting mix its growing in, how often you water, what you use for fertilizer, etc. will help.
Basically the more you can tell the better your chances of getting great answers. :)

Good luck and hang in there!


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