ylang ylang and lancepod tree

jupiterplants(10/A)July 7, 2007


I Have a ylang ylang , and a Lancepod tree. Both are very small. I am not overly familiar with either one. I know both are evergreen with a flower I will like. I was wondering how both would do as a tree to grow other things under?

I think the ylang ylang tree wont grow as tall or as fast in my yard because of the cooler weather ( african tulip tree stays short ) . I also know that it is a little brittle.

What about the Lancepod?

I have some bromeliads convalescing in a part of the yard that not accessible thanks to mother nature. I am itchen to get them out.

Can I keep these small and get dabbled light from them ? How are they to sit under ?

I posted this the first time on the Florida gardening forum. But the only reply I got was how big they will grow. I am in zone 10 a and about 12 miles inland.

Anybody growing these trees in zone 10 ?



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Ylang Ylang tree, I am assuming you are referring to Cananga odorata. This tree can effectively get as tall as 30-35 feet unless of course you happen to have a smaller variety. Both can be keep as a small tree by pruning if you so chose.

Is Lancepod a weed in your area?

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When I googled lancepod It came up with dade county adopt a tree program. I guess they are being promoted as a tree to plant.

I have already decided to plant both of them........ hey that is what they make chainsaws for

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