Over wintering the Stellars

abykatSeptember 25, 2013

Can anyone tell me if you can over winter the stellar gerainiums same as the regular zonals? I have had success putting my Zonal's in my unheated garage, just bare rooted for the winter and replanting in spring. I have a little stellar that was a gift to me and really want to save it for next year. I am on zone 7a thanks.

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Patty zone 5

I have not tried this with the stellars, but I suspect that they would be the same as the zonals as the stem and foliage are so similar. If you want to be sure, perhaps you should start a small cutting to keep indoors and then try the rest of the plant in the garage once you know that the cutting has rooted.

I keep my most favourite zonals and fancy leaf geraniums inside the house for the winter and then put some of the other more replaceable ones in the garage. Here is a pot of small cuttings I took at the end of August to bring inside for a security measure. This is the first time I put them in one pot so that will be interesting.

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Thanks. This is my plan of action. Appreciate the help. I love my Stellars and hardly ever see them around so I want to keep it going. I have 3 pink zonal cuttingings going right now.

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Patty zone 5

Can you post pictures? I love seeing other's pictures :D


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