lemon scented potpourri recipe

yugoslavaSeptember 24, 2006

I have a lot of dried lemon scented geranium leaves, which I would like to use in a potpourri. Also nutmeg, rose and oak. I hope someone would post a recipe for any of these. I know they are used this way but need some direction.

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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Take the following:
Two cups (475 ml) rose scented pelargonium leaves
One Cup (240 ml) lavender flowers, preferably still on stem.
One cup (240 ml) lemon-scented herbs
Two cups (475 ml) rose petals
One cup (240 ml) Oakmoss
One cup (240 ml) Larkspur petals
One cup (240 ml) Rosemary leaves
A few small spruce or fir cones.

For a sharper fragrance, mix 50 drops Rose pelargonium oil with 6 tablespoonfuls (40ml)orris root (cut and sifted and add this mixture to the potpourri. Orris root is a fixative, a substance that helps the fragrances last longer.
(Taken from "Scented Geraniums,knowing, growing and enjoying Scented Pelargoniums" Jim Becker and Faye Brawner,Interweave Press.)

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