Looking for Magnolia x alba and Aglaia odorata

James20130703July 3, 2013

I live in Vancouver, BC Province, Canada. I like Magnolia (Michelia) x alba and Aglaia odorata very much, but I could not find any information about where I can buy those two plants in Vancouver or other area in Canada. Does anyone know where I can find those two plants?

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Floraexotica in Quebec, Cananda carries this plant. I was in Vancouver last week on a visit and did not find any nurseries that carry any of these exotic tropical fragrant plants. You can check the link below http://www.floraexotica.ca/Flower%20Fragrance.htm

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I know one Guy in Vancouver, BC selling Magnolia (Michelia) x alba, Aglaia odorata and many other unusual plants. I bought one Magnolia x alba one year ago from him. He has different size of magnolia alba plants propagated by cuttings (self rooted). The price is pretty cheap ($30 up). His email: chinesetoon@gmail.com. He has a website, unfortunately the website is in Chinese (https://sites.google.com/site/kevinplants/rareplants/michelia).

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