Jasminum Sambac Arabian knights

bunti(7)July 22, 2011

My Jasminum sambac arabian knights with few blooms. I like this cultivar. It is having somany blooms. I recommand this variety than Jasminum Sambac Mysore mulli

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Beautiful.... My Mysore malli from TT isn't doing great. Was thinking of ordering another one. I might order this instead. How is the fragrance compared to other Jasmines? Do you remember where you got this.


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bunti, where did you buy this one? It sure looks beautiful will lot of buds/blooms. What is the difference in structure/blooms between J.maid of orleans vs J.arabian knights? Did you remove older leaves to encourage new growth and budding. Someone did tell me at one time that removing all older leaves from jasmine sambac' gives more blooms. I did do that for one of my jasmines and it did work.

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I have got it from a local chinese store. For me it smells same as the other Jasminums.

Maid of Orleans is star like single flower. Arabian Knight is round sharped double flower. Usually we do remove the older leaves once in spring. Once its done with all the blooms, you can remove the leaves again. Meanwhile you need to feed the plant. I am not good at what to feed. I do feed them liquid miracle grow once in 15days.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

So many blooms! Just beautiful. I have a Belle of India that is getting pretty big now. Maybe next year it will look as wonderful as yours :)

Khandi and bunti: about removing old leaves. Thanks for the tip. I have a Grand Duke with some mangy old leaves on it that are going to be lopped off this evening!

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I am wondering now that the Jasmine flore plene that I bought from logees is jasmine sambac arabian knight? The plant structure and double blooms short and stout buds look the same. Does anyone else feel the same?

Mehitabel, It has been proven several times that whenever I cut of all old leaves on jasmine new growth emerges with lot of buds. As bunti said above, I trim off the plant from all its leaves as I move them outside in spring. I do this only for sambac varieties not for other jasmines.

Bunti, for fertilizer, I use dynagro foliar-pro and sometimes epsome salt.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

WOW so many flowers. It must smell like heaven Bunti.

Kandhi, the petals on 'Flore Plena' from Logee's are more elliptic and curl backward somewhat. It is probably Mysore Mulli IMO.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Well, I saw that TT has this, and the picture of this plant shows a fairly decent size vigorous looking 1 gal, so I decided to order it. (Even tho I swore after getting scalded with a tiny artabotrys for $$$$ I'd never buy from them again. Maybe they'll redeem themselves).

LOL, what jasmines and message boards will do to you. Yum.

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

I am not 100 percent sure mine is actually Arabian knights. They were sold at local nurseries imported from States, 10 inch pot for 29.99 both tree standard and shrub. The flower is formally double, the bud is kind of big. But I noticed one unique feature of this plant, the twigs that has flower buds are very thin, the trunk could be very thick. The leaves are shiny green with uneven surface.

Here is mine: You could see the twigs are very thin but with strong trunk.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Gorgeous, Yellowthumb. You're very lucky to have found such a large plant for a modest price.

Thick trunk and long willowy stems-- that's what happens with sambacs when they are cut back hard.

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Yellowthumb, beautiful plant and blooms. Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for this variety for very long time and cannot find anywhere.
Mehitabel, you dared to order from TT but I have burned my fingers several times with them and don't want to order from them again. I'd rather ask for cuttings from someone here than order from them.
Bunti and Yellowthumb, is it possible to share some stem clippings, I will pay for the mailing charges or if you are looking for any specific variety that you don't have that I have I can check into that. thanks

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

I too am a little confused when it comes to naming these Sambacs, as there is quite a bit of tangled nomenclature on the web about these.
I know for sure the one pictured is the one I have, and would be great to know what variety it is, maybe a consensus from this forum would be helpful.
One thing that is noticable in this variety is the double leaves (as opposed to three or four in others) which are alwasy perpendicular to the next set.

kandhi, I will be happy to send you a couple of cuttings. I cant not seem to email you directly from this forum. Send me your address to mrao77@hotmail.com.

For some reason, my email link has vanished from my GW page and I cannot seem to edit this. Anyone else having sililar problems?

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Mrao, Thanks for your generous offer, I sent you an email. If you have any questions or interested in any other plants you can email me.

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Your plant looks like Jasminum Sambac mysore mulli or Jasminum Sambac flore plena. If you have close observation of mysore mulli, semi soft wood stem to soft wood stem has furry texture. flore plena flower looks the same but the stem is not furry.

Arabian knights flower petal is round shaped. Mysore mulli has pointed edge. Hope now you can tell which variety you have.

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

It's not flore plena, my local nursery has that one. I didn't buy it. The bud is big but pointed.

My flower bud is very big, very much like a super sized soy bean. The flower petal is round.

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