My Artabotrys droopy

rajiramJuly 25, 2012

My dog pulled the Artabotyrs I bought out of the planter last week. The roots and the leaves were intact but completely out of the soil. I planted it back in the same soil. It has been gradually going droopy. I am keeping it in the shade.

Is there anything I can do to save the plant. Will it survive?

Thanks Raji

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I am so sorry about your plant. First time I am seeing an Indian is having dog. I used to have 2 dogs. they used to pull all my plants from pots the minute I leave them at home alone. they like to pick the veggies from the plants and eat them. They like to go under the eggplant plants and get the eggplants from plants and eating them. they used to eat tindora and green pepper too.

Now my kids are spoiling my plants. my little one(1 1/2 year old) like to carry the pots from here and there and slowly takes the plant out the pot. my elder one(3 1/2 year old) sees me cutting the bushes, he cuts my plants in the pots. Yesterday he cut my grand duke supreme and jasminum flore plena.

Kids and pets are cute. after spoiling they look at us so innocently.

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Yes They are.
My son did his part. Now he is older. So I started intensive gardening. But his dog Oreo (puppy, so cute) did the same thing.
Funny thing is Oreo loves to eat carrots and nectarines. This is the first time I am seeing a dog eating fruits and veggies.

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