Lighting for indoor geraniums

BeR856(z5NY)September 26, 2004

I sure hope somebody can help me out here. I want to keep my geraniums (actually pelargoniums) as houseplants for the winter. I do not get very much light at all and want to buy a plant light to help them. I have been researching and can't figure out what type of light might be best. I'm currently using some plant spot lights which have helped, but my plants need more. I would also love any knowledge on what type of light is needed to get sturdier, earlier blooming seedlings. I started seeds last year and had healthy little plants, but they did not get strong enough or start to bud until July when they had been outside for quite awhile. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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plantman532000(z5 NcntrlPa.)

For most geraniums I find that two or better yet four 48" flouresent grow tubes placed 2-6 inches above the tops of your plants and left on for about 16 hours each day should do a good job. Two shop lite type fixtures hung side by side are what I used. They worked fairly well. I didn't get many flowers in the fallor early winter, but once Jan/Feb came they would take right off.

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