Daylilies From the Past Few Days

avedon_gwJuly 9, 2012

I think I have posted any new daylilies that have bloomed, so these will be re-runs. Because of the heat and continued drought, I'm not sure just how much longer our bloom season will be. I am going to throw in a few other garden pictures, just for "funsies". Avedon

Buttered Popcorn with five petals and sepals. I don't think I have even seen this happen on this daylily.

Orchid Corsage single taken this morning abour 7:45. The skies are overcast, so more color.

How about triplets of Orchid Corsage? Also taken this morning.

Susan Weber taken yesterday. The heat seems to have bleached out the color of the edge.

Julianna Lynn taken this morning--this one does have all the color on the edge--looks good. There are numerous buds left on the two scapes this plant has right now. I have been impressed with this one.

Voila Francois taken this morning. There may be some raindrops on it, since we had a little shower last night.

My "Renoir" Seedling. This one is holding up to the heat pretty well, although the blooms are not as big now as when the temps were cooler.

"Renoir" seedling Twins

Nice bloom on the "Bold Tiger Lookalike"

Coal Miner's Magic, one of the best blooms I have seen on this plant.

Periwinkles and Sundial in the Swimming Pool Garden. These flowers have done well in the heat, and give us some nice color.

One of the Orienpet lilies, Scherezade. with downward facing flowers. I was almost flat on my back getting this picture. Usually, the stalks are very tall, over our heads, so we can look up and see the flowers, but not this year because of the excessive heat and not so much water.

The only phlox we have, much loved by butterflies.

Closing out with Zeke drinking out out of his favorite water souce, the watering can. He loves it when he can get his water this way. I think we will have to buy one just for him.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Too funny with Zeke the cat drinking from the watering can. But cats have their own ideas about how things should be done.

Pretty garden shots and very pretty daylilies. Love the Orchid Corsage triplets.

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shive(6b TN)

My cats like to drink from watering cans too! I think your pretty pink seedlings is my favorite of these. "Bold Tiger Looklike" really caught my eye too. The flowers around your sundial are looking great. They must be heat busters!


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I love the photo of Zeke -- he has great markings!

I've been in love with Voila Francois for a few years but hesitate to buy it because I'm so far north. Orchid Corsage and Juliana Lynn are both looking great.

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Maryl zone 7a

Me three and my Gardening cat companion, Yardley, with watering cans. What's the deal I wonder?...Daylilies are pretty. I like the in-your-face yellow of Buttered Popcorn, and Bold Tiger also catches my attention. Nice picture of your real lily too.......Maryl

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Your seedling is my favorite too. the periwinkless look great, and the butterfly picture is beautiful.

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Julia NY(6)

LOL, Avedon. The picture of Zeke drinking out of the watering can made me laugh. How cute is that.

I love the sundial you have surrounded by the periwinkles. Very pretty.

Hope things went well with your mom and glad to see you back on the forum.


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Love the photo of Zeke and of the butterfly. Your seedling is lovely--so graceful looking. Julianna Lynn is very pretty too.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I LOVE JULIANNA LYNN. Its so pretty, and ZEKE is so pretty.Well, the water in the can may be cooler then where he usually drinks at.or maybe he thinks the watering can is his. :))hes very pretty, and I sure miss my outdoor-indoor cat. Ms BLACKIE Glad you are back, and hope your mom is fine, too.


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I like Juliana Lynn, Bold Tiger lookalike, and Voila Francois the most. Funny pic of Zeke :) Our cats don't drink from watering cans because I don't keep water in them, but they have their dish of the same form (cut plastic bottle). One cat loves to lick the hose (it's leaking a little).
Beautufil lily and nice pic of the butterfly! I don't see them around this summer.

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Delightful pics. I especially like those of Orchid Corsage (you capture all the texture) and Juliana Lynn (hope mine will have the same edge).

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