overwintering seed geraniums

billhiggs(6A)October 6, 2012

I have a bunch of lovely seed geraniums that I would like to overwinter, but dont have the widow space for. Is there a way to overwinter them in my frost free unheated dark crawl space?


Bill Higgs

zone 6a

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As long as it's dry and dark yes. Just make sure your pots are dry. Gradually give them less light as they dry. Then put them down there and forget about them for the winter. They will go dormant.

A couple of months before you are ready to set them outside bring them out and gradually move into the light and heat. Water them sparingly. They will have to make new feeder roots so don't drown them. Just a bit of water to get them started. After a couple of weeks they can go in a full sun window or under fluorescent lights When the weather warms in the day they can go outside but bring them in at night or put them in a cold frame

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