Can lily of the valley grow in a pot?

ms_minnamouse(7a)July 14, 2007

I got it in a trade but I don't want to put it in the ground. Can it successfully grow in a pot?

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I saw a picture of a lily of the valley grown bonsai-style in a pot -- the trick will be giving it the cold dormant period it needs without freezing it to death.

I'd say either put it in the biggest pot you can find and forget it for the winter, or if it's in a smaller pot, wrap it up in burlap or cloth after the leaves die down and put it somewhere cold but protected, like a garden shed or unheated garage, and then bring it out in early spring and see how it does!


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Yes, you can grow it in a pot. Sensible not to let this thug loose in your garden.

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I had some pips in pots that I'd forgotten about. They came up in the spring and bloomed beautifully. The pots had been left outside unprotected all winter and I'm sure the soil had frozen solid. We were in the single digits through most of Feb.

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Whatever you do, don't plant it in the ground.
Keep it in the pot or you will have a million of them the following year.
They breed like rabbits, I'm not kidding.
And if you accidently leave a bulb or two in the ground for a full year, your garden will be over taken with them.
But they smell nice.

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Oh I know. I keep my Sweet Grass in a planter for exactly the same reason. I have some Star of Bethlehem that were mixed in something I planted and one ended up all the way aways from the bed. It's hard to find them because they disappear so soon when it gets hot.

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