Johnson Blue did not bloom?

shlisten(Z5 ont canada)October 1, 2005

My Johnson Blue did not bloom, divided two years ago and did bloom first year after division but not this year, should I give it one more year before I tear it out? Planted in 95 and have continually divided over the years with no problem.

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wardw(z6 NJ)

Stangely, my Johnson Blues didn't bloom this year either and like you I have no idea why.

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Ah, but is the bed near the lawn and is the lawn heavily fertilized with what lawns are fed with.....high amounts of nitrogen.

If this is the case, the nitrogen can leach into the nearby garden beds and will promote much greenery. But in doing so, nitrogen denies the plant to bloom. Nitrogen can cut into the effects of phosphurus....which can influence the plants' ability to bloom.

You should spread the lawn fertilizer by hand in the vicinity of garden plants.

You might, next spring, to encourage the geranium to bloom, give the base of the plant a handful of this when the soil is first ready to be worked.
A month later, give the area another handful.
This might push the envelope for the plant to produce bloom.

In any case, do keep the lawn fertilizer away from your garden plants.

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