plant suggestions anyone?

bagsmom(7)April 27, 2009

Hi gang! I spent the day in the yard yesterday -- it was just gorgeous out there! I worked in the big bed in our front yard. It runs along an old stone wall dividing our property from our neighbors. One edge of the bed (the wall side) is straight -- the other has lots of curves. I would say the light is bright shade, with more morning sun up near the front, which is to the East. I was noticing that it is looking messy, despite my efforts. I need to group plants together better -- AND realized almost everything is the same height. I have clusters of dutch iris, some stella d'oros, some oriental lilies, a nice cluster of purple balloon flower, anemones, some rudibekia that does great despite not being in full sun. THere's a birdbath in there, also 2 redbuds. It doesn't sound like everything would be the same height, but visually, it reads as everything being mid-thigh height. Do I need something TALL? What would it be? I'd even be willing to treat a tropical as an annual if it would give some punch. Maybe a banana tree? If I get my act together, I'll try to post a picture. Thanks!!!!!!

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I have some pictures on my desktop. Anyone know a quick and simple way to tell me how to add them to a post? (Green thumb, but technically challenged.)

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You can't add pictures to a post in this forum (it doesn't support attachments). All you can do is post them to a photohosting website (like, it's free) and then post the links to your pictures (in photobucket, use the HTML code link that is listed below each picture).

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Sounds like much of what you have in this area are perennials, what about if you add some shrubs? Hydrangea, Azaleas or even loropedelum would be nice. I can't really imagine a banana tree or cannas in with the other plants you mentioned.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have one area like that - it also sounds like all the foliage is green and it's almost all got lance shaped leaves. You need a mix of round leaves and some colorful foliage!
How about some lambs ears, maybe some pink yarrow with the finely frilled leaves - I love to use things like golden oregano or gold thyme for a groundcover to add a shot of lemon-lime groundcover too there is a golden "crinkle" leaf oregano with rounded leaves.


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