Does anyone have a 'Flutterby' Bush?

butterfly4uJuly 4, 2012

I bought this little "flutterbye bush" at Lowes

about 2 months ago, and it has really grown.

It is suppose to be an improvement on the butterfly

bush. It isnt suppose to be as gangly and doesn't get as


But I'll tell you one thing, it is very fragrant.

I have regular butterfly bushes, but this little bush

is so fragrant you can smell it from a distant.

I am pleased it is now a fragrant.

I went back for another one, but they were all gone.

Anyone have one? Is it very fragrant?

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First off, how are you? It's good to see you again:-)

I saw them and it boy are you right! They are much more compact and full of flowers. They smell so good. I just thought it was that day that my senses were a bit more sensitive or that it was just a fluke.

Now, you have enabled me to go back and get one, that is if there are any left.

I hope you have been healthy these days.


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Hi Mike,
Long time no see.
How have you been?
Are you still saving sweet olives? Boy, you have
a way with plants.
I'm surprised you remember me.
I have been fine, except the fact that we are
having a terrible drought here. i live down by Augusta Ga.
I think I will loose some plants due to this, I don't
have enough time to water all the plants I have.
I guess I have too much then.....
I saw you on a few posts on the container forum last
winter. I am still learning how to grow in a container
it is much harder I think than growing in ground.
But if you love plants that aren't hardy in your zone,
I guess you just have to use a pot.
I have always love bb. But this one is special.
I bought the blueberry cobbler in May, it has grown and flowered great! It smells so good I am going to look for a pink one next spring. i went back to Lowes and they were out of them altogether.
I hope your plants are doing well, how have you been?
Do you still have that sweet olive that grew so tall?
Still have your greenhouse?
I bought this new jasmine "snow in summer" in the winter time at a nursery and it is really growing this summer.
I don't think it is grown for the blooms though, jsut the foliage color. My Grand Duke is getting ready to flwer for the second time, the first time it actually rained, about 5 weeks ago, and the flwers all turned brown.
So I am waiting for the second bloom.
Gardenias are blooming beyond belief this year.
I don't understand it. Constant bloom. It's weird.
Don't get me wrong, I love it.
Post a pic of your sweet olives when you get a chance.
I love your pics.
here's my flutterby

See how long that flwer is?
OK now I'm addicted to a new kind of fragrant. LOL!

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Butterfly! Lol. You to funny! lol. Don't get me started on another addiction. I am close to it.

I've been on since I broke my heel last summer. It took a lot out of me and my interest in most things. Even my plants suffered a bit. Getting to them to water and fertilize, even to move them was quite difficult! I had a bout with spider mites this winter because I couldn't treat them before they came in last fall. My mom broke her arm 2 weeks after I broke my heel, so it was tough.
She was caring for my plants since no one else is even interested to help. Believe me when I tell you, I lost most of my friends then. I saw their true colors.
Now I have all the time in the world to care for my plants and house :-)
I have wondered how you were since we did have fun at one time over here.

My Olive trees? well, now I have Two smaller ones and a large 6 foot one!
They don't flower at all until the cooler weather starts to move in. maybe by September.

I am so sorry to hear about your drought! Nothing is better than that good ole nutrient rich rain in lightning storms. It's like giving a shot of hormones to my plants. We too are having a huge lack of rain. I have yet to see a thunderstorm.
I can tell by looking at your grass you could use some rain. You poor thing. I hope your plants are ok. Thank God that these butterfly bushes can handle drought.

It's good to see you growing in pots. I guess it can have it benefits even in your area, right? You can move your plants to anywhere you want, you can have full control of the mix, you can water without fear of drought, you can bring them in when it gets too cold, and you don't have to worry about nemetodes! I am so glad you are giving it a shot. I would love to see you grow a gardenia in a pot..lolol._0)

Yes, I still have my greenhouse, thank God! I store my fragrant Orchids in there, fragrant tropicals that love humidity, Hoya, have you even seen my Hoyas? They are so fragrant! I think just about everything I have in there, even some of my Epi's, except my CC, have some sort of fragrance.

I hear you about the Grand Duke! I have actually come to hate growing them so much, that I threw mine out! I got tired of worrying about it and having to provide hot sunny conditions for it to thrive. Yes, if it got anything other than that, it would die off, get bugs,or just not grow. What a pain. And then, when I would finally get blossoms after all that, just one drop of wetness would rot the flower.

Lucky you with your gardenias! Yahoo. I would kill to get mine to loom as good as yours:-)

Well, now that my but is sore from sitting here this long, and my heel still hurting, it's time to stretch. It has been nice spending time with you and please don't be a stranger. And no, you have not been forgotten. You have always been kind to me.


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