Streptocarpus seedllings

karan_in_oregon(Zone 8 Oregon)January 27, 2014

I have several streptocarpus seedlings that have their first set of true leaves.
The leaves are slightly turning under. Could they be too hot or cold? They are still in the same container they were started in and have different size seedlings. Some are still small so didn't want to disturb them. I have been hardening them off by leaving the lid off for several hours during the day. The lid does get condensation on it that I wipe off.
This is my first attempt with growing streptocarpus from seed. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Karan

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irina_co(z5 CO)

The sooner you repot them - the faster they will grow, tickling of the roots stimulates them. Get the bigger ones into another community pot - and just lift the rest with the fork - and drop them back. Usually the streps leaves in their young age are flat. They are going to be more upright in future.
Young ones are much tougher then the old ones, So as loing as they are not overwatered - they will be OK.

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karan_in_oregon(Zone 8 Oregon)

Irina, thank you for your help. I am putting the bigger ones in condiment cups that I bought. They are small and shallow and I can get several in each.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I read you need to tickle them every two weeks - either repot or just move the soil up a bit with a fork and let it back.

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When I start strep seeds, I usually leave them in their humid clamshell boxes until both leaves span about an inch across. At that point, you can safely move them to a less-humid spot. They seem to like lots of artificial light, and can be put into wicked pots and fed with very light fertilizer. As Irina said, you can tickle their roots every couple of weeks to get them growing faster. Once they start to grow, their growth seems to be exponential! Pretty soon you're seeing the peduncles rise out of the leaf bases.

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