what kind of bug killer

teddybear_2009October 5, 2013

I am planning on bringing my geraniums in for the winter what should I spray them with first to eliminate fruit flies etc.Thanks for your help.

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IMO you don't need to spray them with anything. Do you know they have pests on them? Pelargoniums get very few. I would remove any dead leaves and faded flowers, remove all dead vegetation from the soil surface, clean off the pots and check that there are no slugs, etc underneath them. Then put them into a half way house such as on your porch for a while to keep an eye on them. If there are no signs of any pests just bring them in. BTW fruit flies are not interested in Pelargoniums.

Oh... I have just seen your zone. In which case why are you taking them in at all? Hang on a minute. Zone 10 in Canada? Sounds fishy.

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Yes the zone is wrong I am in zone 3 but I cant seem to change the error. Thank you for your help.

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There are two accepted methods to hang on to your geraniums and bring them back as good as ever next spring.
Either as Florauk has suggested...keep them in a sunny window and treat as a houseplant.....or
put them somewhere where they can be left alone--no watering, no light, no nothing---just left alone, they can be brought back better than ever....and, what is best, can keep coming back, year after year, after year.

This method is easy; just give them a space in the basement where the temperature is above 40ú F...(5úC) and where they can enjoy darkness to deny any hint of growth.
They can be put there either in the pots you have them, or hang them up---upside down is the usual way---or place the plant on a shelf where they can be left undisturbed....until
February or March, when the sun begins its northern voyage.
Cut the plant back to about 4" - 5"....clean it up, remove any dead or damaged stems, dispose of any dried flowers, take a look at the roots to make sure they are not damaged....then
with a clean pot--(clay is nice), place something in the bottom so the soil doesn't clog the drainage holes; then using fresh potting soil---do not use garden soil---and heavens, don't use the old potting soil--its done its job so now throw that into the compost or on your lawn.
Place the plant in, water it to drainage, dump the excess after 10 minutes, then give it a sunny window where, every other day, you turn it to give all parts equal sunlight.

In about 2 weeks you should notice the beginnings of new leaves and in about 6 weeks you should have a goodly amount of foliage. Feed it according to its growth...but very little when first planted.
I'd say, the plant cannot go outside until about the end of May...(after Victoria Day) when it is given some daylight outside, then back indoors, then back outside...then back.....you get the idea, to acclimate the plant before it goes out---to stay.

This spring your plant might be slow in producing flower buds....but not to worry...flowers will resume in their own time.

Repeating this method every year, can ensure your plants live on...and on....and on....
Caution: Never allow the plant to be hit by frost---its a killer.

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Umm, pelargoniums can take light frosts with ease. They overwinter routinely in my climate outdoors and I am by no means frost-free! Damage does not occur until the temperature drops to 25F (about 4C) and is sustained for more than 6-8 hours. Even these temperatures for a short time are not guaranteed to kill - uniques and regals will resprout from the roots.

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