Okay, I mean do you have a no scent corkscrew shell vine?

mersiepoo(6)July 23, 2007

Mine had a flower on it but not a scent. I tried smelling it during the heat of the day, at night, nothing! When are they supposed to smell?

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I have a Vigna Caracalla that does not have any frangrance as well. I don't know what gives. It's blooming well enough, just no scent. Oh well. Mother nature is a fun loving gal.

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Yeah, me too! I feel so ripped off... is this the first year for yours? Mine isn't too big. Lucky for me my gardenia bloomed! :) Yeah!!!
How old is yours? Maybe it needs to be older before they smell....hoping against hope, of course!

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I started mine this spring from cuttings, so I am assuming that it is taken from a more mature plant. Don't really know. I will over winter it indoors and see what happen next year. I saw one growing on a fence here in Chicago last year and fell in love with it but I really don't remember if there was any scent. I detect a very gentle sweet scent when I sit on the deck with my coffee in the morning but cannot tell where it is coming from. Not of my scented plants are blooming this year. Keeping my fingers crossed for next year!

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So, it seems like maybe I was sent the wrong plant. This is the one I got:

Some said that this one has no scent. There is another Vigna Caracalla that is suppose to have scent and that's this one:

Which one did you get?

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Hi NixonK, I got bamboozled as well, I got the first picture you have, instead of the second one that you posted. I got the wrong one too! I forget where I ordered it from, maybe Burgess?

I noticed that there is a VERY faint smell coming from one of the flowers (that also has aphids on it by the droves, as well as ants), but yeah we both got the wrong ones. :( What a bummer!

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The purple one is a scentless snail vine (Phaseolus caracalla). The fragrant corkscrew vine (Vigna caracalla) is the one in the second photo. They both have pretty blooms.

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I am prety sure that when I ordered it from DirectGardening that they had the picture of the second one on it and it was definitely named Vigna Caracalla. I am going to try and get the correct one next year. What a scam!

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Yeah, I'm miffed as well, I want SMELLY plants, dang it! I guess I might try to get one from logees next year.

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