rooting broken gardenia stem???

utsharpie(33014)July 7, 2005

i have an augusta gardenia bush. it doesnt have any buds yet. my cat was playing with it and broke off a stem. is there anyway i can root this? kinda like how tomato plants?

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Very easy! You can break up the stem into two or three if you want.

Get some perlite and a clean one gal pot. If the drain holes are too large you may partial block it with rock. You may not need rooting hormone. Wet the perlitein the pot and insert the branches. Cover the pot with a poly bag and secure the rim with a cloth pin in order to keep the inside at 100% humidity. Place it at a warm place but no direct sunlight nor too hot. After two months, Check any callus or root formation. Hope there is new root before cool weather.

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i find that they are about as easy as any other plant to propagate by cuttings. i simply stick them into a container of moist potting medium and place them in bright shade (no sun), making sure that they do not dry out.
remove any leaves below soil-level and try to get at least one leaf node covered by the soil.
you could do as longriver recommends and try one piece using each of these methods.

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