Jasmine sambac lovely and fragrant

snasxs(7-8 VA)July 28, 2007

If Gardenias die on you, then you should spend time practicing your planting skill with Jasmine. They are much more "fault-tolerant" than denias. They are pretty too.

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Hello snaxs
is this the double variety? i have the single variety. Do you want to trade cuttings?.
please let me know.
my email tomalini@gmail.com
thanks for your time.
i don't know how to put the picture. if you send email i will send you the picture. thanks.

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snasxs(7-8 VA)


I believe these are nothing special. Many websites sell them at very good prices including these as is dicussed in house plant forum. I would give them to you for free. I am just too busy right now. I might be a bit freer in 2 months :-) Anyways, my email is included in my GW profile.

To include a picture in your post, you first upload your images to a free picture site (such as www.flickr.com or www.webshot.com )

For example, if I have a picture at:


Then, in the text I type in:

The picture will show in the post.

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Hello Snasxs
thanks for your reply. A friend suggested Bhatia nurseries in NJ, the plant is not in stock but will be in 3-4 weeks & i will get them by then.
Any secrets to growing them?.
thanks for your time. malini.
i still can't figure out how to attach a picture, but here is the link.


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Hi Malinis - your variety of plants are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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Hi Snasx,

The picture above does not look like double or triple petal jasmine. Jasmine grandduke, the triple petal one has leaves in whorls. your plant is beautiful with round big multipetal flowers. Can you let me know where exactly you bought this specific jasmine species? thanks

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snasxs(7-8 VA)


Yeah, I realize it. It is beautiful and strange. But I am still not sure if this is a new cultivar. You know there are so many cultivars in the world. It sure is lovely with round big multipetal flowers. No wonder malinis likes it too.

The email address of the owner is xxy112@21cn.com. You will need to ask someone (probably longriver) to contact her in Chinese.

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