rose scented geraniums and overwintering

moonsparkz(Long Island)October 7, 2004

I have a pair of rose scented geraniums. Are they overwintered like other types of pelargoniums? They have enjoyed their stay outside and are perhaps 1.5-2 feet across. If I hang them in the cool and dark, do they need trimmed significantly first?

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

I haven't had great success with the dormancy method in my current house, so I keep my pellies growing through the winter. I'd like to suggest that you take a cutting of your rose-scented pelargonium and grow that cutting as a houseplant, just in case the hanging method doesn't work. And, if the geranium has a lovely scent, you'll enjoy having it in the house anyway ;-)

Someday, I'm going to figure out why I haven't had success with the dormancy method, just for the challenge of figuring it out. Diane has some old posts on this forum that describe her method. I haven't seen any posts from her for awhile. Diane, are you still out there? I hope so!


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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Do take a few cuttings as insurance. Check the plants for pests and fungi and spray if necessary. Remove any debris dead leaves etc from the pots. Bring the plants into a cool, light, frost free environment. Do not overwater and the plants will be fine.

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Jean, you called!!! needn't cut back your geraniums --until you are ready to bring them back in February. Before storing them, just shake off any loose soil and if they are damp from recent watering, just let them dry out a bit before hanging them up. In the their hang-up stage, don't bring them into contact with water---they are not growing--so why water them, don't give them light---again, they are not growing, so why the light---and try to keep them undisturbed..alone, dry and cool.

About mid February, bring them out, now cut them you prefer..1/4, 1/3...1/2...fresh potting soil, shards in bottom of pot for good drainage, well watered and good sun.
Fertilize only when new growth is apparent...then at 1/2 rate 20/20/20....when budding begins, you can then change to 15/30/15.

About 6 weeks --new foliage will come on...another 6 weeks you might see the start of new bloom....but don't despair if the blooming is delayed...just put them out into that bright spring sunshine when you put out your other annuals.
They'll bloom OK.

If you have any doubts about this method, do take some cuttings and try the methods described. If you are successful with both, you then have something to compare.

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I'm sorry but did you say take them inside in febuary or put them in new soil in febuary, I think there was a typo. . . am I waiting until it is not green anymore?? Newbie here, speak down to me. :)

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njcher(Zone 6)

I came to this forum for exactly this reason--to find out how to winter over my rose scented geraniums. How nice to find this information immediately!


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moonsparkz(Long Island)

Thank all you lovely folks for the advice. In between when I asked and now, it became necessary to take slips since the entire huge bannister pot went over in a high wind. Much is still left, only the leading edge was damaged but I got some very nice cuttings. We have cool but not frosty weather scheduled for at least one more week so I will leave them to recover a bit until the forcast says frost.

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

Don't you love how nature helps make those decisions? I'm glad the plant survived. :-)

Diane, I'm glad you are still here!!

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