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Allen456(8)April 11, 2013


I thought Tropicanna Gold would work in the roadside "ditch" out front. After fighting back an infestation of leaf-rollers and a late freeze I gave up on them last year.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a canna that can handle full sun and an occasional inch of standing water? I can keep them watered during dry spells.


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Leaf rollers was the reason I gave up on cannas; yet I've seen people that have no trouble with them.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

We have the plain, old super tall red flowering cannas. They get leaf rollers but they still flower like crazy, so we don't worry much about it. I don't know of any cannas that are resistant to leaf rollers.

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Hey GGG I have the same tall red ones.

This year I saved seeds from LAST YEAR and some of them had cross pollinated with the ORANGE TYPE that you see around libraries and such.

ALso, I know it's the humming birds.. CAnnas are GREAT FOR HUMMING BIRDS!

But tall 5 feet wall of boom :)

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