Interesting Episcia

stonesriver(6B Tennessee)January 22, 2005

My Mom is moving back to Tennessee and into a Senior Citizen apartment complex. Thursday I took her application and talked to the manager.

Imagine my surprise when my eye wandered about and saw an Episcia living in a bottle of water with some Philo cuttings! It is growing in bright, indirect light.

I asked the manager about it and she said she had just cut the Episcia back because it had gotten so large! Said it was taking up too much counter space.

She didn't know what the plant was; one of the residents had given her a start five years before. The main plant is living in her home. She said a piece broke off a couple of years ago so she just brought it to work and stuck it in the water.

She uses bottled water and she says it's growing better than the potted one at home.

Thought you'd appreciate the story. Here we go, babying and doming and humidity-traying our Episcias and here's a woman who doesn't even know what she's got growing one in plain bottled water and watching it get huge.


Oh, and it blooms in that bottle of water, too!

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Life just isn't fair sometimes, is it? Thanks for posting a good chuckle!

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