NOID Sinningia speciosa?

snappyguyJanuary 3, 2011

Just wanted to share some pics of my newest gesneriad. My wife and I picked this plant up for $1.40! My mother-on-law was with us when we got it and she believes it is a Gloxinia. I take this to mean florist's Gloxinia, now known as Sinningia speciosa. Can anyone tell from the pictures if this is correct? It wasn't marked at the nursery. A little about this plant. The blooms are roughly 3" in diameter, and the plant itself is about 16-18" across. The largest leaves are larger than my hand. Also, any pointers on growing this plant? I have other gesneriads including african violets, episcias, an Aeschynanthus, and a Gloxinella lindeniana. All grow well for me.



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Hi Mark,

Nice looking sinningia speciosa!!! Yes, that's what it is.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Mark - in my experience they need more light - like twice more than for example AVs. Otherwise they can become leggy.
It is a gorgeous plant - GOOD JOB! - but the problem is that the plants you buy already blooming - usually come with free thrips - and to get rid of them passengers - it takes more than $1.40

Enjoy the pics on the Logan Nursery site.


Here is a link that might be useful: eye candy

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Thanks for the link Irina. I've checked the Sinningia for thrips and haven't seen any, or any spilled pollen fortunately. I've also kept in isolation so that no unwanted hitch hikers make it into my african violets.

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My friend and I have this plant. Hers has bloomed for a few weeks now and she is wondering how she should go about ridding the plant of the dead flower heads once they have stopped blooming. I suggested waiting until the flowers and the stalks begin drying out so that they pull off really easily, instead of clipping or pinching them off. What would you all suggest?

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Once they start to go by I use a pair of scissors and cut the spent blooms off, even if the stems are still green. Doesn't seem to adversely affect the plant at all.

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dirtmonkey(z8 OR)

You can also use those old flower stalks to make more plants :)

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