Semi-hydro for streps?

seajJanuary 20, 2013

Does anyone think that streptocarpus will do well in semi- hydro? I use that method to grow my African violets and they enjoy it very much. I live in California so it gets very warm during the summer months, but I know that semi-hydro can help keep plants cool due to the constant evaporation.

Also, does anyone wick their streps?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Probably you won't know until you try.

i heard people wrap their strep pots with wet long stemmed sphagnum and put them into bigger clay pots in summer to cool the roots.

Generally streps do better with bottom watering than with wicking - they need to dry between waterings. A friend of mine grows great streps on wicks - but they are not on mats but on reservoirs - so more air coming to the roots and she also lets them dry a bit before refilling the reservoirs. They do good in Oyamas - again with letting them go dry. I am thinking the same approach can be used with s/h.


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One of my students tried this (with hydroton) and the strep was dead in about a month. It was a very nice set-up, but the plant just hated it. It started out as a big healthy plant. It was Emily, if my memory serves me - the strep, not the student.

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Thank you for the input. Semi-hydro takes all the guesswork out of watering for me. Before, I damaged many plants with my inconsistent watering schedule. Now, I only want to grow plants if they can be grown in such a way. If I ever find any streps, I'll probably try it out. They're very beautiful plants.

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I know very little about hydro or semi-hydro growing, but if I were to suggest a variety that is the most resilient to experimenting with, it would be 'Nerys'. Strep 'Nerys' is the toughest and most forgiving strep I grow. It is an older Dibley variety and is often available on eBay.


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