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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)January 17, 2005

Now that it's so cold, why don't you post some photos to brighten up our winter days? I love looking at what others are growing.


It's going to be a low of 9 degrees here in beautiful, sunny Middle Tennessee :-)

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Wow, a low above 0! We've been lucky to have the highs climb above 0. Brrrrrr....winds up to 45 mph yesterday, to top it off! I could have gone wind-surfing across the ice slick that is our yard.
I agree that we need some photos. My camera & computer are having some sort of domesitic dispute (add to that, the cat eating my best potential subject), but I'd love to see what other people have going!

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

What is it they say about Minnesota: Jack Frost loves it there; that's why he never leaves :-)


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That's about right! It'll be another 4 months before it's safe to put frost-sensitive plants out. Poo!
A couple years ago I was in TN in Feb and there were things blooming (daffodils and some flowering trees). It was so neat! That's a good time for winter to end.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Montreal had a day of -22 celcius (-7.6 F.) Much warmer today.

Nancy in Montreal

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