New Jasmine plant not doing well

roxannemoskal(Z6 PA)July 26, 2006

Just got it 2 weeks ago, it was sent with dirt around roots. I planted it but it looks wilted. I've tried more water, less water. Put it in a very shady place on my porch. Moved it around. Nothing seems to help. I've wanted one of these for a long time. What do I need to do??


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roxannemoskal - I also just bought a jasmine plant - unfortunately, I'm a bit lost on how to care for it. So, I don't think I'm in the position to help you out! lol

Mine was sent as a rooted plant. It was and still is in pretty good condition. The leaves are a bit on the yellow side, so I'm a bit worried because like you, I've wanted this one for a looong time. What kind of jasmine is yours? Mine is Wrightia Religiosa.

Hopefully we get help soon!

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thebadseed(5B NJ)

I have my sambac (Maid of Orleans) in peat/potting soil and it seems happy with that mix. I repotted about two weeks after I got it into a pot about 2" bigger than it came in and it took off like a shot. I find that on my enclosed porch (which has something of a greenhouse effect), it likes to be watered every day or it 'pouts' by wilting. It also enjoys being misted. I have not yet suceeded in overwatering it.
I hope this helps you some!

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Mine usually need a month or so to adjust to their new home. I have 6 different kinds of jasmine and all of them need some sun. I had a nightblooming jasmine that i received through the mail lose several leaves after yellowing for about 5 weeks but then start putting out fresh new green ones. Maybe yours just needs some time.

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Thanks! I actually just repotted my jasmine in peat potting soil because the old soil wasn't draining fast enough. It's doing well so far and is putting out new leaves!! I can't wait until it starts flowering again (it came with two tiny flowers).

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