Can humans eat geraniums? serious question xD

thenear1send(9)October 18, 2008

Well, they're not poisonous are they?

They kinda look tasty =)

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When things are tough humans can eat pretty well anything as long as they know what it is they're eating and the plant has not been treated to poisonous applications.
For a list just put "plants that humans can eat" into your browser and follow the yellow brick road.

And geraniums...i.e. pelargoniums, are on the list.

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shlomiesdad(very hot, very dry)

I use some of them for flavoring teas.


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Oklahoma_Tim(z7a OK)

A few weeks ago, I read in a magazine that you can make tea from scented geraniums. I assume that pelargoniums can also be used for tea, if that's not what they were talking about in the first place. Has anyone tried this?

I recently bought a citronella-scented one, and while I don't particularly think it looks "tasty," I do think that a leaf would add a nice lemony flavor to iced tea.

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