Geranium (Perennial) Tapestry Mix

donnann(5 MA)October 14, 2008

I have had this in a huge pot because of root problems in the ground. What do I do with this for the winter? I love this plant and hope to have it again next year. Thanks, Donna

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You have all 6 of these geraniums in a single pot? These need to be in the ground, or at the very least, each in an individual pot (5G size would be good). These are sufficiently hardy to your zone if in the ground but will need extra protection in a container. Typically I'd suggest sinking the container in the ground then mulching well over the top, but if you are unable to dig deep enough to plant 'em, that won't work :-) You could also store somewhere the temperature is more moderated - garage, covered/protected porch, unheated basement or cellar, etc.

But I'd certainly try to get them planted next spring. Have you considered berming or mounding the soil to avoid root problems when digging? Makes for very good drainage as well.

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donnann(5 MA)

Thanks for your reply. The roots are like cheese cloth and strangle everything. No matter what I do they just come back. Donna

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