greylady_gardenerJanuary 30, 2008

Hello all, I am visiting this forum for the first time. I am normally on several others here on GW but I have been searching for a Canadian source for achimenes, and I was hoping that someone here would be able to direct me to one.....please :)

Any of the sites that I have found so far are in the US and UK and don't ship to foreign countries. I find it hard to believe that it is not available in Canada, so surely there has to be a source.



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I'm looking for USA sources. Email me if you know where I can get corms here in the states. Thanks!

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Parks seeds has them: also known as 'cupid's bower'. The link to the page they are on is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: ahimenes page

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Unfortunately, it seems that all the Canadian sources of gesneriads in general is drying up. Where are you located? I got a couple of achimenes rhizomes from Bill Price in Vancouver. I've seen some no-names available at the spring sales of my hort society. They don't seem to be widely grown or distributed anymore.

If you're still looking for rhizomes in the fall, I should be harvesting rhizomes from Purple King then.

BTW the American Gesneriad Society convention is going to be held in Vancouver in 2010. It would be a great place to pick up plants. There's a sales room and an auction. But bring lots of money for the auction...

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Maureen, I sent you an e-mail through GW. If you don't get it let me know--my e-mail is on my page.

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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

Brent and Becky's Bulbs have a limited selection.

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I've found achimenes tubers on ebay. Looks like the primary seller is Willowcreekgardens. You can either buy through ebay or their website,
They appear to be a good reliable source as their feedback is perfect. I'm currently bidding on some of theirs. Hopefully I'll win some.

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Thanks milwdave and tmelrose, but I have checked them out and they don't ship to Canada. I guess if I lived in the States I could get them easily enough but for some reason they are extremely hard to come by in Canada! :)

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Well that stinks. If I ever win an auction of them I'll save you one and get your address to send you one.

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rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)

I have achimenes, and can send you some for the price of postage and handling, roughly US$2.50. Is it too late in the season for you?

If you write to me directly, please put the word 'achimenes' in the subject line and allow several days for me to reply...



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