How do I save these geranium seeds?

cncnorman(z7 FW/TX)November 9, 2004

I have a red geranium (pelargonium? it looks like this one: that I just love and would like to save some seeds. I noticed today that there is a seed head that has developed however I have no idea what to do. Should I tie something over it in an effort to keep the seed? I promise, I did a search and didn't find the answer first so I am really hoping that someone can tell me what I should do now.

Many thanks,


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lastchance5856(6b ON CA)

I'm also in the market for this same type of information!!!! My plant looks the same. I heard and would like to hear responces that you could break pieces off and stick them in water to make new plants. Is that true?

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mistyq(south carolina)

if anybody finds out please let me know also

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ILuvPetunias(z6 PA)

Well, I found a site that talks about geraniums, and tells how to get plants from cuttings. After reading though, it may just be easier to get new plants each year, unless you were particularly fond of the one you have. Here is the site:
Just try to copy and paste this address. It should work.

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I have 47 geraniums growing from cuttings I took in the fall. They are under lights and blooming their little heads off. The water method did not work for me at all but putting the cuttings into a sand and peat mixture after I let the cut end dry and crust over gave me about 95% effectiveenss. Did not use rooting hormone. Followed the lovely directions from someone here on the web. The Martha Washington's were much more difficult to root and I ended up dipping those in rooting hormone. The mother plants are doing nicely in a slightly cool room with minimal light. My black thumb is getting a hint of green on it...:)....Carol

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

Poodlepro's advice is what works for me too. In summer, in fact, I've been known to break a piece off, stick it in the ground, maybe water it, maybe not. And, voila, they survive and thrive!

I haven't tried the water method. I don't use rooting hormone. Well, I did use it twice, with terrible results.

For the seeds, you should just be able to collect them into paper envelopes. I have a bunch I collected into a pie tin last autumn, am going to try sowing them now. (Winter sowing- my first.) Also will try sowing some in my cool sunroom. But haven't grown pellies from seed before, so I'm winging it.

For a couple of years, I've taken cuttings of my pellies in the fall, grown them in the cool sunroom over the winter. But this last season, they got rust really badly, so I really reduced the stock, and am being vigilant for signs of rust. They got the rust after being moved outside in spring. Very wet year here. Everything had fungus, rust, yuck!

Good luck with yours.

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I am having a problem finding the seeds in my geraniums.Can some body tell me where it is.

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