Scented Geraniums

ondrea_carina_leaf(7)November 7, 2005

and/or Pelargoniums. Best I could tell from FAQ is they are the same. If not they sure look the same except the bloom size.

My question is for zone 7/8. How do I overwinter them? How many years do they normally live if overwintered correctly. SInce on a normal winter it usually freezes ,maybe twice I can't see doing the uprooting them and placing in bags and boxes. They just need to set in a sunny window. THose few nights of frigid weather. I just can't seem to keep them alive until Spring. How do you warmer climate people keep yours through those cold spells?

Also those that do the cutting back for winter naps. Have you considered trading the cuttings or sharing them for postage?

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tahota(USDA-5 Sunst-2b)

Scented Geraniums are a type of Pelargonium. Set them in a sunny window and treat them just like a houseplant and they should winter over just fine. Be sure they get lots of sun and water when the soil surface is dry to the touch.

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tahota(USDA-5 Sunst-2b)

Additionally, by the end of the winter, they will most likely be a bit leggy. Rather than planting the original plant that you dug last fall, cut the healthy tips about an inch below the last leaf, dip in rooting hormone, and plant tips in well-drained soil. Place in bright, indirect light and keep soil consistantly moist until new growth begins. Discard the original plant. You should be able to keep your pelargoniums going year after year indefinately.

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I kinda like the way the plant looks this time of year. I hate to just discard the mature plant. It took three months to grow it this size and get the bloom power. So I guess if it starts the leggy thing I can trim it up. Does trimming Pelargoniums make them grow more thicker like other plants?

I have a friend that will let me over winter them in her greenhouse. SO sunshine and correct temps should be ideal.

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