I'm stuck, please offer some advice

rjingaApril 21, 2009

I have my garden spot all ready (previous posts yada yada yada).

I put down some FREE nice black landscape fabric, the heavy duty kind.

I am uncertain how best to plant into it, so hence I have NOT planted INTO IT.

I wanted to put down newspaper and compost, but I got ahead of myself and only put down newspaper, then put down the fabric. I intend to put compost/mulch on top after things are planted.

The main reason for wanting the fabric is to control as best as possible WEEDS, Bermuda that snuck in last year.

I dont want to make this harder than necessary and now not knowing really the best way to work with this material has made me reluctant to even start. I'm tempted to pull it all up and just PLANT my garden as usual.

Can anyone offer some pros and cons to my dilema?

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This arrangement will not keep bermuda from getting in because bermuda will just go under it. Then by the time you figure out that it's there ... it will have settled in nicely.

Is this area for vegetable gardening?

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yes, it's going to be my primary garden spot this year (I had only tomatoes planted here last year).

so should I just take up the fabric and hand pull the weeds? or maybe till it again and remove the grass that is there now? The bermuda only infringed on the perimeter of this bed, it fortunately did not get all the way in...and now I know of some spray that I can use to control it better (ornamec). which I intend to buy.

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I know for ornamental landscapes, the fabric is not recommended much anymore.

Be careful about tilling while bermuda is still in there - each one of the chopped pieces will sprout, magnifying your problem.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Ah, Bermuda Grass.
The only organic control for it is repeated sprays with horticultural grade vinegar or DIGGING and keeping it dug. Esh is right, you till and you have a much bigger mess on your hands. I had this problem with some Johnson's grass. I spent 6 months (Much larger area than you) picking it out piece by piece. I mean every tiny root (because they tilled) in my entire front yard. Got every spec and never had it come back.
You need to do it.


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I have found that a thick layer of mulch makes it much easier to pull what is there. The rhizomes grow up into the mulch and the stems become fewer and longer...thus it is easier to pull! I am afraid it is still in the bed of which I speak, but it is really thin and manageable without the need for sprays.

That black plastic(?) would be useful for sterilizing the bed were you to put down a thick, well watered mulch and then put the plastic OVER it, thus broiling out weed seeds etc. prior to planting a bed. Unfortunately, this takes several months to truly work well. Too late for this space, but just in time for next years' beds!

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I don't know about BERMUDA grass situation, BUT
(a big one) landscape fabric WILL NOT prevent most weeds.
Most weeds (the unwanted vegetation) are spread by seeds.
Call them seed weed(hehe). They will grow on mulch, compost
or anything else.

There is one thing that is not clear to me;

This fabric is more suitable for landscaping with trees and shrubs, not for vegetable gardening and flower beds.In veggie garden every square inch is utilized.

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