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Cajetana(NO of Austria)December 31, 2004


some of you will already know me any my website.

I had some of my geranium pictures online on my first website since summer 03 but this were only about 50 different species.

Together with an other geranium collector from Austria who provided me her help and gave me loads of good pictures and after I found a sponsor I was able to create a much larger project.

This autumn went online.

It's planned to translate the website into English or at least the main important navigation elements so that you can browse the site easier but I don't know when I've got the time for it.

If you klick here
you'll find a linklist on the left where pictures of about 170 species of geraniums are alphabetically listed.

I know that it is not that clever to show my site in an English forum but the names of the plants are the same and so far it is the only German Geranium website so you might be interested!

I wish you a good new garden year,


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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Herzlich Wilkommen Katrin,
I think it is very good to have another geranium website. Can you persuade your Austrian friends to prepare a Pelargonium website and give us some tips about growing these lovely cascading, Summer flowers?
Ich wuensche Ihnen "Alles Gute" fuer 2005.

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