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claferg zone 9a FlDecember 27, 2005

I recently purchased a small Vancouver geranium at Target, and the edges of the leaves seem to be browning.

Is this variety different from regular geraniums in their cultural needs? I try not to water until the soil has dried out, but does it take full sun?

Any help or tips about growing these would be greatly appreciated.

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I assume that you have Vancouver Centennial. It can take a lot of sun when the temperatures are below 85, but once temps rise higher than that I move mine to an area that receives some afternoon shade. I love this geranium and mine are planted in well draining soil and watered often when it is hot.

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leslie197(z5 MI)

Centennial is a favorite of mine - overwinters well inside. I do not take cuttings, simply cut it back & stick it in a smaller pot by itself (used outside in a large mixed pot). Not bothered by cold late summer nights. Wintered it over for the past 3 years. Will start to rebloom for me indoors in March/April, can't go out until end of May.

IME it does not need a lot of water. Mine was in full sun - but in zone 5 Michigan, there are not a lot of days in the 90s. Last year which was hot for us, we had over a dozen such days, which is a lot for us. Florida outdoors would be completely different.

If I were you Claferg, I would stop watering for awhile & see what happens. May just be adjusting to new conditions. Make sure it is really dry before starting to rewater. Did you check the roots? Are they mucky, or the opposite & dried out? Might be worth an inspection, if it doesn't look happier in awhile. Good Luck.

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Vancouver Centennial is one of my absolute favorites in the fancy leaf group. I live in Nebraska and in the past couple of years our hot summers have grown hotter and even more humid. I keep this stellar beauty in the shade now with some morning sun. It will still do beautifully in the shade and even flower.

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