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sujewel(z6 NJ)August 18, 2006

Hi All,

I need a fast growing Jasmine vine or tall growing Jasmine that will do well in morning sun in Z6.

Also, where in the area - NY Metro - or online can I find whatever Jasmine you all recommend. BTW, I choose Jasmine because it seems from the posts that Gardenias are more difficult to bloom...and I'm allergic to Lillies.

Thank you, in advance, all for you help.


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No fragrant jasmine will survive a Z6 winter -- are planning on bringing it inside for the winter, or starting over in spring?

Also, morning sun might not be enough to bloom a jasmine -- how many hours of direct sun does your space get?

The only jasmine you'll find in NYC is Jasminum sambac, which is lovely but totally tropical, and more bush than vine. Around Valentine's day you can usually find j. polyanthum, but don't wait that long!

Try Logees or Gardinos online to find different jasmine varieties and more growing advice. Well Sweep Herb Farms is in N. Jersey, and does mail order as well, so check them out for a few jasmine varieties.

Hope this helps!


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Here are a few more that I think might thrive in your climate zone. I would encourage you to use a search engine for more detailed
descriptions and images. Good on-line nurseries will also list climate zone, giving note of vines climbing method. I personally prefer
vines that climb or twined.

Akebia quinata - Chocolate Vine - Noted for fragrance that's similar to chocolate?

Asparagus verticillatus - A Vining Asparagus - Fragrant white flowers.

Gelsemium sempervirens - Carolina Jessamine - Twining vine, slow grower here in my climate zone.

Eccremocarpus scaber - Chile glory vine - Annual. It is one of the most exiting vines I know. What would give more pleasure than enjoying
hummingbird visits and the sweet fragrance. Life can't get any better than this. ;-]

As for Jasmine, I recall seeing a reference some where about Jasminium beesianum being hardy zone 6. It's summer blooming with
pinkish-red flowers.

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sujewel(z6 NJ)

Thank you Jim and Supannee! I'm really liking the idea of Eccremocarpus Scaber since Jim doesn't think the Jasmine would do well in my morning sun. Besides, I've always wanted a hummingbird garden.

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