Overwintering Rozanne Cranesbill (Good Idea or Bad...Help!)

tvolstreamsDecember 17, 2013

Couldn't find exactly what I was looking for on the search and FAQ so here it goes...

I purchased some Rozanne Cranesbill from a nursery very late this fall. The plants were not in great health. I repotted with a 50/50 compost & native clay loam mix and set them outside because it was still warm during the days. I was bringing them inside during the evenings. We got a cold snap and they have been sitting in the garage for roughly three weeks receiving low light from a north facing window with little water as they have stayed moist. The leaves primarily browned and died except for a few yellowing leaves left here and there. I thought I could supplement light with a few T5 6500k and continue to develop the root system over winter in hopes of having more mature and healthy plants to plant in the spring. After reading the forum, I am unsure if this is the proper technique for overwintering cranesbill or if you should overwinter at all.

I would like to know if I should go ahead and get them in the ground for the winter and hope they make it, or if I should just trim off the dying foilage and leave them in the garage all winter. I've read another option that removes them from soil entirely and hangs them upside down, however I have little to no stems left above the existing soil level that appear to be in good health. I am willing to put in whatever effort is necessary to enhance the likelihood of their survival and would be grateful for any advice.

Happy Holidays

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

The hanging upside down is for Pelargoniums which are not hardy and are commonly but incorrectly called Geraniums. If you do that to Rozanne it will die. Rozanne is a hardy perennial and can spend the winter outdoors perfectly happily. It needs no cosseting. However, I don't know what your winter weather is like in Tennessee or if the ground is frozen. In my climate I'd plant it in the ground immediately and forget about it. Trying to keep it growing with lights will do it no good. Its nature is to die down to the ground in winter and regrow afresh in the spring.

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Thank you very much! I was certainly confused between the two. Pelargoniums do sound interesting though. Our winters are fairly mild here. I went ahead and put the rozanne in the ground yesterday, so patient I will be! Happy New Year.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

You're welcome! Happy New Year from England.

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