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somalenese(10a)December 27, 2013

i have been growing geraniums since 2 years but have not been able to collect seeds

is it possble for me to collect seeds ?

how can i do that ?

thank you


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I have grown geraniums for at least 25 years. I have never tried to collect seeds because if I did I know that I would be getting an inferior plant. The only way you can get a plant like the mother plant is to take cuttings. F lowers are pollinated with pollen from many flowers and what you'd end up with from such seed is anybody's guess.

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thanks dowlinggram for the reply

my problem is i live in india and the summers can be really hot here . shade temperatures can reach almost 50degree CELSIUS

i have never been able to make any of my geraniums survive that heat (tried only in pots)

this year i tried harder and made it survive till july but first rain shower and it was dead...

my garden helper keeps telling me that i am fighting a loosing battle and i should throw them in end of may as they reduce flowering and will not survive the monsoon

is it true ?

kindly enlighten me on this , i want to make them survive whole year but till now it is not been possible

i waste lot of cash on buying these every year.
besides i feel sad when i throw them for composting knowing it is a perrineal and i could not save them

i stay in zone 10
winter extreme temp is almost 0-10 deg cel
summer extreme temp is almost 37 - 49 deg cel

thank you again for helping me


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kindly post a reply


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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Possibly nobody here has experience of your climate, somalenese. When you say the geraniums (actually Pelargoniums) die when the monsoon rains come. Can you explain exactly what happens to them? If it's the actual water causing them to rot could you put the pots under cover somewhere, maybe a porch or lean too roof? Do the pots drain quickly when they get wet?

If it is the heat they can also be kept under shade. They don't really like temperatures above about 35c.

This website might help you as it is directed specifically to Indian gardeners.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pelargoniums in India

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Of course geraniums will die if they get waterlogged like in a monsoon. Geraniums do not like being overly wet and like to be grown on the dry side. They also don't like extremely hot weather. They originally come from the Mediteranian area and prefer that climate.

I agree with your garden helper--you are fighting a losing battle. All gardeners are restricted in plant selection by the climate we live in. I would dearly love to grow roses--those lovely tea roses but my climate kills them off every winter so I do without and satisfy myself with all the lovely flowers that I can grow in my climate

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Most Pelargoniums actually come from South Africa rather than the Mediterranean. They are perennial by nature and I reckon the OP could keep them going if they are shaded from the rain and the most extreme heat.

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