Sinningia 'Gabriel's Horn'

gerris2February 17, 2013

I love the deep red-orange flowers of this Sinningia hybrid. What really grabbed me - caught my eye was the color in the sepals/calyx. I've only seen green color there and this cultivar has the same color as the flower in its calyx.

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Nice photos of your plants - the 'colored calyx' types of sinningia are very interesting. It is my understanding that there are a couple of variations of Gabriel's Horn being grown, I have the one that has a base color of almost neon orangy reddish pink with magenta or fuchsia on the face of the flower. It is a dazzler.
I also grow a variety called 'Party Dress' that has a colored calyx, it isn't a mini sinningia like Gabriel's Horn, it gets to be a fairly good sized plant when mature and has flowers that are like nothing else!
You have very nice plants - this winter I have posted pics of some of the plants that I grow on several of the forums here at Garden Web thinking that I might get a half intelligent conversation going about plants - very few were interested enough to respond, either there just isn't a lot of traffic on the Garden Web or most everyone has become apathetic, which is a shame.
At any rate keep growing those beautiful gesneriads!

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Thank you, jebfarm, I appreciate your kind words. I love gesneriads, they are awesome plant group. Anything that will flower up in a huge way with little input from me except for weekly watering and a sip of fertilizer on occasion is ok by me.

I need to look for Party Dress, it sounds like one I would love to grow! Do you have Kohleria bogotensis 'El Crystal'? Maybe we can trade if you don't have it.

Gabriel's Horn flower opened up completely this morning. This is a new one for me and I had forgotten it had that dark pigment stripe along the bottom of its tube.

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Your Gabriel's Horn is different from mine, here is a picture of a small plant of mine that is blooming now - the flower in the front - it has different shadings on the flower face and doesn't have the stripe in the throat like yours does. Probably different looking because they came from two different sources but have the same name.
I appreciate the offer of a trade, but honestly I am not interested in taking on any more plants at this time - thank you!

- Jeb

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No worries, Jeb. I admire your self control. Hahahahaha

I got my plant from Longwood Gardens. Their supplier is Gary's Specialty Plants, located in Drumore, PA. I guess the plant stock gets passed around in the horticulture trade.

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I too have the Gabriel's Horn "sport" as they call it... just as Jeb has.
I love the crazy color combination of it!

Your photos are again lovely gerris2! Nice plant!


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Thanks, Karen, so kind of you to say. I agree, this variety is very awesome.

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Trying out a new lens on my old Nikon DSLR, the Vega 12B. I love the color it permits me to capture and the nice bokeh.

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Here is todays flower.

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Another view.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Very nice. Looks like it would be a hummingbird magnet.

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