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Andrew ScottAugust 4, 2014

Hello everyone. I don't usually post here but I have been lurking..after reading Meyer Mike's post and talking with my friend Laura, I am now considering a Michelia alba...see, this is why I cannot come to these forums anymore...LOL!

Okay back to my post. When I was 17-18 years old I discovered Stephanotis floribunda. I instantly fell in love with the fragrance of the flowers. I thought I was taking god care of it but it never bloomed again.

Over the past 10 years or so, I have bought 2 or 3 vines and none of them bloomed for me. After this past Valentines Day, I found a bunch of Stephanotis on sale at a local grocery store. They were marked at 50% off. I thought the pot I chose had flower buds on it, but they turned out to be flowers that were ready to drop. I didn't even get to enjoy any fragrance!!

I did some research, and basically hoped for the best. I have to admit, I wasn't very optimistic that I would see this vine re bloom. Last night, I was outside watering a few of my plumeria and I picked up my Stephanotis to water it and I found 2 flower buds!!!

I had to run inside and check it out under better light. All I found were those two buds but I am keeping my fingers crossed that more will develop. From what I have read, keeping it root bound seems to be key, and also growing it under cool dry winter conditions.

I still have not been able to find any info on G.W. regarding what is best for fertilizing it. I have been feeding it Foliage Pro, but I am wondering if anyone knows what the best fertilizer is for this vine?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me. I would really appreciate it!


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Let me be the frist to say HELLO and congrats..Now that kind of a plant can be very satisfying to see bloom, that's for sure!
I have never been able to get one past a winter, but then of course that was before I joined

I'm happy for you Andrew and it's good to see you..Stop lurking..By the way I've sent you two e-mails and one by phone in the past few months and never heard back..I gave you up for dead or too sick to even enjoy life or plants until I saw you post recently..It's good to see you are ok..I hope the back is ok too..
It's been a while...

Foliage Pro is the way to go)..Just don't be too cheap with it during the growing season..


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bump!!! ;-).

Hi mike!!! You are loved, sweetie!!! Sending Many hugs to you and sissy !!!

Thought I would bump this for you so Andrew might see this!! ;-).

Thinking of you..


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Thank you my awesome friend Laura!

You bet you are loved here at my home! I just told my Mom as she sits here with me..She says she misses you and when are we going out for breakfast again/)
Hugs back

Sadly, Andrew has been missing most of my posts and my last e-mail..I pray he is ok..



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Andrew Scott

Hi Mike. I am okay. Actually, I am doing much better for now. I am walking between 4-5 miles a day now. I'm trying to loose all the weight I put on after my disc fusion surgery 2 years ago. Please don't take it personal, I honestly have not checked my emails in a VERY long time. I do still try to come over here or the citrus forum from time to time. I actually have 2 Ponderosa lemons on my tree right now. The tree is still small but my largest fruit is the size of a medium navel orange :) I also have a tangerine tree with three fruits(I will have to check the variety and let you know), but my Meyer lemon is just not happy with this cold crappy weather. Today was awesome thought 87 degrees and muggy. I did notice that the Meyer is FINALLY pushing new growth all over. This is the first time this summer, and I barely had any flowers.

I will try and check on this forum more often. I still consider you a good friend. I am truly sorry for not responding to your emails but I just don't check them anymore.

I hope things are going well for you my friend :)


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Hi Andrew.I am just so glad that you are doing better..I was a bit worried about you and that is why I sent you an e-mail..

It was probably a month or two ago. I can't believe that you are walking like that. I am very proud of you..I was thinking of you just yesterday when I was looking at my jades, Our favorite ones if you know what I mean.
So good to hear you still have citrus trees too..Very nice..
I wish I had room for a lot more I tell you..I'm in love with them.

Let's keep in touch more often..I have such a good time talking to you. I am just happy you are doing better my friend!


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Andrew Scott

I would still like to find the variegated gollum jades, and any others actually! I lost my Hummel's Sunset but my two jades from Germany at looking good. They both have been slow growers but the variegated jade is so pretty now that it is growing outside! All this recent heat and humidity is helping them a long. I also have another first! My tuber rose is going to start opening today or tomorrow!


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