Your Best Edge/No-Eye Daylilies?

maximus7116(MI)July 17, 2011

I'd like to add a few more edge/no-eye daylilies (like Chris Rogers' JULIANNA LYNN I posted a few days ago). Does anyone have recommendations for my frozen tundra of a climate? Most I've seen are listed as evergreen, which I'd like to avoid unless people this far north have had success growing them.

Thanks -- Chris

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I don't have any of those, and I don't see too many. One that I like very much, and that I've seen at the AHS display garden about 15 minutes from my house is FORSYTH GARRETT MASON, registered as a "white lavender with a lavender edge." An older Lefever, and a dip. Does ploidy matter to you?

Hmmm....I am glad you raised this topic. I'm about to place an order at this garden, and I now have FORSYTH GARRETT MASON on my short list. I admire it every year, so perhaps it's about time I added it to my own collection!

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Does BEAUTIFUL EDGINGS count? I just love this one. All the blooms are perfect. And I know everybody knows what it looks like, but here it is again anyway.


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Thanks for the input. FGM reminds me a little of Berma Abercrombie, which just started blooming here (and no, ploidy doesn't matter). I grow Beautiful Edgings and love the flower, although it didn't fare too well in the drought we've had this year.

I added Romancing Summer a few years ago (yellow with a pink crinkled edge), but it's not liking Michigan and is now a tiny spindly fan. Out it goes . . .

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Being in Michigan, do you ever visit Miss Becky's (Rebecca Hudgins) Gardens? I remember she was big into edges with no eyes.

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There is, of course, the old Swedish Girl. It's not that exciting.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I don't have much in edge no eye. WILLOW DEAN SMITH is the modern one I have (by the Rices) and WILD ONE is an oldie with the edge no eye look and I just love that one.

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I just went throught my pictures for ones that I think would like your climate and also ones I can't remember you posting. I came up with the following: Electric Marmalade Magic, Patsy Carpenter, Last Snowflake, Annie Armstrong, and Trimmed in Gold. LOL, three yellow ones but they are all pretty. Love Annie and Patsy. Last Snowflake is my favorite. He was a little late showing up this year and I was afraid he didn't like the cold but he recovered and has given me lots of nice blooms. Judy

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mizellie(z7 Al)

I have been through my list and have lots with " gold edges" but understand that isn't what you mean. Swedish Girl, Susan Weber are a couple of old ones.


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Ed, I've heard of Miss Becky's but haven't visited. I might have to check that out.

From the suggestions given, I grow (or grew) Susan Weber, Swedish Girl, Seal of Approval, EMM, Wild One and Sweet Revenge. Ellie, you probably don't remember I got Sweet Revenge from you in a trade many years ago. :)

I'll have to look into your other suggestions. I was thinking of contacting Dan Hansen to see if some of the many edge/no-eye dayllies he offers would do well here.

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Julia NY(6)

What about CELESTIAL MUSIC? Rice - This is a pic from 2010 and it looks to be starting here this week.
You might want to check out their website too.


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That is funny, most of them are pink that we have looked at here. But Debra can tell you about Crimson Crimson Edgings,
and I have been intrigued by Edged in Ink (lavender edges on white) and Girls Gone wild( a pink, but it is more a Neon or hot pink edges on white.

Forsyth's Garrwtt Mason is mine that I think about.


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shive(6b TN)

The jury's still out on Crimson Edgings. It had great bud count and rebloomed last year when I got it from Floyd Cove. But this year it hasn't bloomed well. I'm assuming that's because I set a lot of pods on it in it's first season and W. Good Old Days overshadowed it and stole its sun this spring. It was very hardy in a raised bed, unlike a lot of evergreens I've planted there. And it is a beauty.

Crimson Edgings

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Thanks, Kay and Debra. I checked out Girls Gone Wild and Edged in Ink and love both of them. Once again, hybrized by Chris Rogers, as are a lot of the ones I like. I think I'm going to have to check into their performance up north.

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alameda/zone 8

Do these edge no eye daylilies do well down south? I have Susan Weber and love it and would like to add more. If anyone has more photos, it would be interesting to see them. Thanks....

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shive(6b TN)

Crimson Edgings and all others hybridized by Stamile, Trimmer, Hansen and Rogers should do well for you since they were created in Florida.

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Yes, BEAUTIFUL EDGINGS qualifies as one of the older edges no eyes.Not sure if the edging shows up much in this picture.

Another goodie from Chris Rogers is BERRY BLITZ.

My favorite is EDGED IN PINK: love the substance on this one!

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Well, Berry Blitz and Edged in Pink are right up my alley. Any idea how they might fare this far north?

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A little different color variations that do well in NW Ohio
Avante Guard (bit of a bicolor though)

Geneva Firetruck

Refiner's Fire (gold edged)

Roses in Snow

Singular Sensation (not the best photo-new this year and took off like wildfire!)

Wild One

Along the same lines as those above
Pleasant Edging

Raining Violets

Also-very pretty but has been slow grower-Mandalay Bay Music

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Thanks for uploading all those photos, Lisa. I do grow (or used to grow) quite a few of them.

I sent an e-mail to Dan Hansen inquiring about the hardiness of his ENE intros (and those of Chris Rogers). He told me all his daylilies are tested in Cleveland, which is a similar climate to mine. I think I'm going to order Mandarin Cowboy and Edged in Ink and see how they fare. Does anybody grow those?

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