Best seed strain of zonal Geraniums?

twroszDecember 19, 2012

I haven't grown any seed geraniums since the introduction of the 'Multibloom' series, these were excellent, though blooms shattered rather quickly.

I've been looking into the 'Maverick', 'Orbit', 'Pinto' and 'Bulleyes' ... any favorites among these particular series? Plants would be container grown and situated under the cover of my south facing veranda. I prefer compact well branched heavy blooming types with long holding blooms. Thanks!


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I grow the Maverick but I have grown Orbit. I just started Maverick Rose today. I grow a new color every year and bring in some of my plants in different colors. I grow them on my window sill all winter and take cuttings in the spring. In the past I've grown Maverick Star, pink, appleblossom, peach and red. They have large flower heads and are well branched--I just went and counted the growing tips on my pink one I brought in last fall and there are 11 growing tips. Not all will have that many but there should be at least 5.

I start mine under lights and move them to the greenhouse when I open it in mid April and they always do well. I get my seed from Stokes seeds and almost every seed germinates

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dowlinggram ... thanks for your imput. Yes, Stokes is an excellent source of quality seed. For this year, I selected 'Bullseye' Salmon and all of the fifteen seeds have grown. I've had some of the Mavericks and others in the past and have kept them over in the window and taken cuttings.


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