my organic garden montage

veganbob(10a)April 29, 2014

Hello all,
I lurked on here a lot last year as I was learning how to garden.
I started my first bed aug 28th 2013 and added more as I went.
I just made a picture montage of the journey.
I planted over 200 varieties of edibles to see what I would like, what would grow in south florida, and what it all looked like...

Hope you enjoy the vid, many of you had some great posts that added to my knowledge..
IN may I am redoing a large part of the garden and really going to town on what I learned these last 8 months..

Here is a link that might be useful: My photo/video montage

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Wowsers! That's just incredible. It made me tired just looking at all the bags of stuff, but you did incredibly well. Congratulations!

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it was hard work....thought I was gonna die with those august down here....ooooph...

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Wow, Bob! You don't do things by halves, do you?

What a massive investment in amendments (is that compost from the local municipality?). You should be good for years in that regard, with good crop rotation/diversity, which looks like you also did a good job on. Are you finding that many of those crops are good self-sowers in the climate? You shouldn't have to buy seed again for many of them.

My only thought is the possibility of problems down the road due to the lack of a mineral fraction in the raised beds. These can arise in pure organic soil. If that happens, and when those spruce 2x's rot away, you could mix that organic matter into the sand and end up with a lot more growing space as well.

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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi veganbob

You did a great job! I enjoyed looking at the video and your very ambitious project, keep up the good work and posting your results.


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Your garden looks amazing. The graduated raised beds are a neat idea to maximize sun and I applaud your carpentry skills. Great photos and record keeping a well. :)

What plant has the red flowers and projected center at 8:34 in the video?

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the 8:34 is the ozark coneflower, mexican red hat midget..did not taste very well, but supposed to make a great tea. They are very small though. about an inch, maybe two....short plants, not much more than a foot, foot and a 1/2.

I added tons of stuff to the soil (vermiculite, peat moss, 4 different types of rock(mineral) dust, fungal based compost, mushroom compost, worm castings, sea90, and a few other things.

Going to be redoing the whole thing now that I have abetter idea of what things look like, what is growing, etc....but not sure what summer has in store here.

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and thanks for the support and good comments...I hope to make it super pretty this time around....with a much cooler time lapse video of the whole thing.

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sorry, meant that flower at the time frame was
Ratibida columnifera
red midget, mexican het. or Upright Prairie Coneflower

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You did a great job. Congratulations. I enjoyed.

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Bob, you inspire me. Not to grow veggies (sorry!) but to work and accomplish. Liked also your Intro/Followup video at I'm thinking that the seed-dispersing plants are going to cause you some consternation. (I still can't be sure if a 2-leaf volunteer is a weed or a "desirable".) Unusual location you are in - being surrounded by sterile yards. But, surely you will inspire some neighbors. Looking forward to more videos.

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looking to make a new one this year as I moved all my beds, added a ton more, and about to redo the entire front.....

thanks all.

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