alsobia San Miguel -stem question?

sakmeht(Zone 6)February 19, 2008

Hi all,

I was wondering if you're supposed to bury the bare stem of the alsobias when you re-pot, like you do to african violets. Mine has a good 2 inches of bare stem, but right next to it is what I think is a double crown (it's not rooted). Each of these has stolons coming out from their bases, so if I was to bury the stems the stolons would also be covered. Maybe I can separate the other crown and root it? My plant seems to be doing well... flowering once in awhile. I have it in a terrarium with 120 watts of lighting above it. I really like this plant and don't want it to get overgrown. Thanks!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Sakmeht -

I do not grow alsobias, I grow episcias - which are closely related . But I bury the long stems parallel to the surface - and they send more roots. You can use a sphagnum moss to top dress your pot - you can pin the long stems to the ground - and cover them with a moss - and pin the stolons to the moss too - everything gets rooted and happy. You cannot keep the same plant forever -it gets overgrown - especially fast in a nice humid terrarium - so eventually you need to sort through it and use rooted stolons to create new and pretty pot.

Hope it helps.


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