Moonflower vine -- scent dissapointment

td1026August 7, 2011

I've seen ipomoea alba listed under "the most violently fragrant plants" thread on here and I have no idea why! The scent is very, very faint and not very pleasing. Smells like sunscreen to me. Does anyone on here have a moon vine that smells strong or wafts?? I was let down after all the hype.

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I've never had luck growing moonflowers so not sure how they smell, they always got mowed down by some sort of insect. Daturas are super fragrant with a lovely scent, especially the white ones, if you want a super fragrant night bloomer. Though it's not a vine.

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I was very disappointed too. I saw where is was listed to smell like Tommy cologne from Tommy Hillfiger. It was pretty close. To me it was very crisp and clean, almost astringent to the nose. I was hoping for a very heady, gardenia, jasminy, brug type of smell. And I had to stick my nose right in it to smell it. No wafting like the tea olives do. That was just my experience so I no longer grow them. In Florida, with the warm, muggy nights the fragrance alcohols tend to break down nicely, not in this flower, for me anyway.

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Same for me blutayle. I was expecting a luscious perfume and exquisite waft from what I've read around here. Good thing I have night blooming jasmine in the backyard also. Now that plant wafts!

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

I tried moonflower about 5-8 years ago. I found no particular fragrance, either.

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i guess fragrance is subjective but i do like the scent. and, i think this is one of those plants who fragrance is a function of temperature and humidity, probably for pollination. they are similar to nicotiana to me in that respect with a heady, almost baby powder note to the fragrance. i can smell these from about 5' away on a calm night so maybe further if it is more breezy. they are very showy in the moonlight, too, and the vines would reach over 10' in length. this trellis is only 6' tall and they reached the top then grew downward to the bottom. flowers are almost 5" across. sphinx moths are attacted to them.

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