Dwarf Yedda Indian Hawthorne question

killerv(Macon)April 20, 2009

I removed 4 terribly looking boxwoods 3 springs ago right after we moved into our new house. I wanted flowering shrub that could take full sun and wouldn't get too tall. I purchased 4 drawf yedda indian hawthornes. I decided I would let them fill out before pruning. They are supposed to only get 4ft tall and 3 ft wide or so.They have done great but I have to do something with them this spring. The new growth is weighing down the limbs and the limbs are just falling over instead of staying upright.I hate to stake them, it would take a lot of stakes and look unsightly. I am afraid if I cut them back, the new growth is just gonna do this again. What should I do? I haven't ruled out removing them, but they are healthy and would atleast try to fix the problem before I resort to that.

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If you are willing to remove them then pruning sounds like a reasonable "last resort" approach. What have you to lose?

A picture might help us visualize what is wrong, but keep in mind that pruning is done for several reasons and you need to make sure that you do the right kind of pruning for the problem you have having.

Pruning for shaping usually just takes off tips (think meatball shaped shrubs) and can result in just the problem you describe.

Pruning for renewal is more what you need. You may need to make deep cuts into the bush to reduce the lanky growth and encourage more bushy growth. Picture your shrub without any leaves when you are thinking about where to cut.

There are good articles on the web if you look around.

Here is a link that might be useful: A good link

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Here are some pics. As you can see, the centers stand up fine, but the rest just falls over, If I could get them to stand up, the plants would look like they are supposed to.


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I don't know why the pic won't show, I copied and pasted the source code from photobucket like I do on other forums.

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You need to use the HTML code tag from Photobucket.

Consider cutting the floppy branches (or at least some of them) down to about 8 inches and letting them resprout.

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