Pictures of murraya seedling blooming

gardenscents(8)August 6, 2011

Hopefully I can get these to post.

Well, only got one to post. I would rather have added the pictures to the message.

This is a seedling literally grown from seed planted next to its mother last spring. Other seedlings died but this one has been strong from the start.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

That's wonderful, gardenscents. Blooms on such a tiny thing. You say it was strong from the start-- that's terrific. Vigorous and an early bloomer. You really have a winner there! :)

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No way!!!!

I am truly impressed! I never knew such a baby could flower like that.

Bravo and enjoy!


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Congratulations on the new blooming seedling. It's such a joy to grow from seeds and see the the fruit of success. Great job!!

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I discovered, tho, with these seeds they need to be very fresh to survive. I ordered some from ebay and every seedling died, if they came up at all.

Love this plant - now I can stop continuously trying to propagate it! Probably won't happen. I can't even throw away plumeria cuttings or night blooming jasmine clippings!

RuthAnne in SC

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

Wow! that is amazing!

My plant which I qcquired as a trade several years ago, has refused to bloom :( It has grown about 3 ft tall, thick trunk like a well grown shrub, and is happy in full sun. But, NO blooms. One year it put out a small bunch (puny compared to what you might expect from a shrub this size) even bore a few seeds, but none germinated. I too stuck them in the same pot as the mohter plant.

Do I have a shrub type which does not bloom?
Any suggestions?

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I can't believe it bloomed at such a small size! Mine take a couple seasons to bloom from seed and are pretty big by that time.

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